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Astrology with Raphael- Jupiter

Jupiter entered Gemini at 6:16 PM EST on May 25, 2024, and will remain in Gemini until June 10, 2025. This chart was set up at Washington DC where the Asc. was 22:46 Scorpio, which puts Jupiter in the 7th house with Uranus at 23:50 Taurus, Venus at 2:36 Gemini, and the Sun at 5:13 Gemini. Jupiter is conjunct Venus and the Sun in Gemini in the 7th house. This is favorable for foreign relations. Jupiter also trines Pluto retrograde at 1:59 Aquarius in the 3rd house, also favoring foreign relations. Because Pluto is retrograde, some of these relations are old and are returning or renewing. Pluto is in the 3rd house which shows communications between Washington and these foreign powers. Pluto also indicates underworld, and criminal elements.  

Jupiter in Gemini is in the sign of his detriment or exile. This puts Jupiter at a disadvantage and unable to express his power in full. Nonetheless, wherever you find Jupiter you will see at least attempts at making some improvements. The 7th house means, for Washington, foreign relations. But Jupiter being in detriment will bring disputes with foreign powers in connection with financial and trade issues.  

On the 2nd house cusp we find 23:05 Sagittarius. The 2nd house of money is ruled by Jupiter. In the 2nd house, we find the Moon. The Moon is at 4:16 Capricorn, and is quincunx the Sun at 5:13 Gemini in the 7th house, meaning that there is some degree of discomfort needing adjustments in the country over the year in which Jupiter is in Gemini. 

Jupiter is always the analogue ruler of the 12th house. In this chart, we have both the 12th house and the Ascendant in the same sign which ties the past to the present. This means that the conditions of the present have been in effect already since the past. And since Jupiter is also the ruler of the 4th house, whose cusp is at 4:16 Pisces, the present conditions extend into the future. In the 4th house we find Saturn at 18:26 Pisces. Saturn in Pisces denotes bad weather adversely affecting the crops. Saturn in the 4th house also warns of earthquakes, and the depreciation of the value of land. It also shows obstacles and difficulties to the Government. In this year of Jupiter's transiting Gemini, we have the elections coming up. 

Raphael Simons

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