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For the first time a major astrologer looks at children and childhood.  Robert Hand, one of the leading proponents of the psychological approach to astrology, in his definition of childhood, says, "What the child appears to be as a child is not very important.  It may be fascinating to have an astrologer correctly desscribe a child's apparent personality, but it is not useful.  It is much more important to view the child as a developing adult, to consider the kind of adult likely to arise out of the child's apparent personality...Many persons whose childhoods were miserable have ultimately been very happy and self-fulfilled.  The reerse is also true, and every other combination of miserable or happy childhood and adulthood as well.  The view of the child as an adult in the process of becoming is the orientation that this book takes." 

PLANETS IN YOUTH: Patterns of Early Developement

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  • Robert Hand

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